Huntington Beach

Pink lace dress

It’s my first time in the USA and I was loving every minute of it. Though I admit travelling with kids is the hardest and that’s basically the reason why I left it this late to travel in this part of the world but I can’t wait any longer. Our first stop was Anaheim in Southern California so we can visit the original Disneyland no less which I will publish in the next post. On our first official day, we met up with my cousin who lives around the area and she took us to this beautiful Huntington Beach.

 Huntington Beach

The moment I stepped into this place I got that chill SoCal vibe, the tall palm trees, wide stretch of sandy beach and ohh the warm climate. The weather was what I like the most of my stay, such a great break from the cold when I left Sydney. Suddenly, I was wearing lace dresses, short sleeve tops, flats and sandals. In this post, I was wearing a Bariano lace dress in the most sweet flattering salmon colour. I thought my pink Stella Mccartney bag would be an overkill of too much sweetness but it complemented and sealed that relaxing happy atmosphere.

Southern California beach blog postHuntington Beach pier

The lighter outfits made the trip easier as we didn’t have to dress in layers, boots and jackets. Though I must admit I packed some jumpers for the boys and heavy jackets for me which I thought we would use when we move up north of the country in our middle part of the tour. What was I thinking, early Autumn in America still has warm weather almost anywhere, in fact only San Francisco made me pull out the boots that I packed.

Chanel shoesStella Mccartney bagHuntington beach lighthouse

For the meantime, let me rave about this chill place with the most inexpensive but tasty burgers and fries we got from In-N-Out Burger. Honestly, we were surprised to pay less than $50 for seven meals. Sadly, we only got to taste it once as we never had anymore chance or we opted to try another burger or burrito joint.

I guess, I was overwhelmed on our first day. It was just the beginning of many places to explore and new food to try out. Please hang out with me on my upcoming posts about my USA tour.

Art display in Huntington BeachHuntington Beach Commercial areaHuntington Beach BuildingsHuntington Beach Sports

Thank you for reading, ’til next post. You can connect me in Instagram busyandfab to see my fab finds, other outfits and events in between posts.

Outfit Details:

Dress from Bariano
Bag from Stella McCartney

Flats from Chanel