Top Places to visit in New York City Part 2

What to do in New York

On our second day in NYC, we were still crabby from the long flights and woke up even more late than the first day. We missed breakfast at Sheraton Club Lounge and decided to have a simple breakky at Pret A Manger next door that serves organic coffee and natural food. I had 2 matcha latte on that day, choc croissant and chia bowl, turned out to be not simple and cheap for the 5 of us but at least it was healthy and fresh. Then we proceeded to our destinations of the day. As this is the 2nd part of my NYC post, I shall continue my numbering that I started in Part 1, in case you miss it, here it is.

5) Central Park

Honestly, who would miss Central Park when in New York! It makes up a huge portion of Manhattan and one of the biggest urban parks in the world. It was so good that it’s only a walking distance from our hotel and the walking was not boring for the boys as we did a bit of shopping along the way. Maybe we only touched a quarter of the park but I’m glad enough I set foot in here.

Central Park New York

Central Park garden

 So many beautiful spots for an OOTD and family shots. The best ones were in the lake with the tall buildings towering over the trees, the concrete foot bridge and the garden with a wooden entrance door.

What to wear in Central Park

6) Flatiron Building

Ok, I was intrigued why is this building an iconic structure in NYC, I’m sure there are other triangular shaped buildings around the world. I can name 2 here in Sydney but the one NYC got must be different. Upon seeing it, I can see why. It is a steel-framed building and resembles an iron which is really interesting and beautiful to look at. It is nicely situated too in a pleasant area with a café and a park across where you can view it as much as you want.

Flatiron Building Flatiron Building NYC

The Flatiron district is worth visiting as there are fascinating and well-known shops and restaurants around. We dropped by Lego store across the street and had a delicious lunch at Burger and Lobster which is situated a few blocks away from the building. We took photos from the other side of the café too with the Empire State building in the distance.

Flatiron district New York

7) Grand Central Station

On our last day in the city my boys didn’t want to go anywhere anymore but I still had a few places left in my list. And my friend came to the rescue, you see I have wonderful friends everywhere :). She made me catch the subway (which is a must too) and we stopped in Grand Central station.

Grand Central ceilingGrand Central Terminal Grand Central Station

This terminal is not called Grand for nothing. It really is grand and magnificent. You can tell the first timers as you can see them walking while staring at the ceiling just like me 🙂 It was super busy and bustling with travellers but you have to stop and admire its beauty and impressive architecture. For a train station, it is clean and sparkling. We had a hard time deciding whether to use the camera’s flash or not to capture and give justice to the real thing. We did both and these are the results.

Proenza Schouler bagGrand Central station ceiling

8) Broadway

Ahh, what would be a trip to New York be like without watching a show in Broadway? I know not everyone would have that extra time to sit down for a couple of hours or more to watch and immerse in a show that will leave you humming for days. But trust me, the experience was noteworthy and memorable. I was prepared to watch a show alone because there’s no way my boys would come with me but my friend bought me a ticket (on top of being an awesome tour guide) for the Phantom of the Opera musical. So after coming back from Grand Central Station we immediately lined up to watch it in the Majestic theater, no time for lunch at all but it was so worth it.

Broadway in New YorkWhat to do in New York

9) Financial District

I know this is impossible to explore for a few hours only but I’m glad I got a glimpse of it especially the ones that I was interested to see like the 9/11 Memorial and the World Trade Center. I asked my friend to take me here as this district is one of the most historic and intriguing neighbourhoods in the US.

World Trade Centre Financial District NYC 9/11 Memorial 9/11 fountain

I was in awe as soon as I stepped out into the street from the subway. Indeed, this is the home of modern and glossy skyscrapers where it seems like a futuristic scene from a movie. When we headed to the 9/11 Memorial it’s a different feel too where everything was peaceful and sombre. It’s the perfect time when we got there as it was almost sunset where the atmosphere was even more serious and contemplating. Afterwards, my friend took me to Oculus which honestly I didn’t know about but was so glad she did. It’s another landmark of New York that had definitely enriched my wanderlust.

And this concludes my NYC adventure, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I loved writing about it. I miss New York and I definitely want to come back. I haven’t got to try the burger from Shake Shack which is another reason for me to visit this city again.

Oculus New York blogOculus New York

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Grand Central Station, Broadway and Financial District photos were taken by Carol Ortega Garcia.