Top Places to visit in New York City Part 1

Places to see in New York

Months before flying over to New York, I did a research what are the top places to see in the city. I made sure my 4 full days would not go to waste and I would go home happy and contented 🙂 I had my outfits ready for it, footwear and bags for sure. My family of 5 flew from LA but because we missed the 9AM flight we took the noon time flight instead and arrived NYC at midnight. I was planning to have dinner at a nice restaurant but ended up getting a hotdog from Nathan’s cart in front of Sheraton Midtown Hotel where we stayed. In fairness, it was not a bad hotdog but we were so tired we woke up the next day almost missing our breakfast in the hotel. I guess, from the very first day in the city we realised to speed up our pace although still trying to adjust to the new time. So here are my list of iconic places that I visited.

1) Top of The Rock

Top of the Rock view NYC view from Top of the Rock

Places to visit in New York

This observation tower is a no brainer when in NYC and I can’t get rid of this as this is in everyone’s must-visit list. Indeed, this is the first one we went as soon as we got out of the hotel. The views from the top are magnificent with Empire State Building and Downtown in the south side and the Central Park in the north. I’m glad I paid a souvenir photo for $5 extra when I bought the tickets as it was sold more upstairs if it wasn’t prepaid. I went up with one of my kids only as my other son has fear of heights.

Central Park view from Top of the Rock Central Park view from Rockefeller Top of the Rock Souvenir photo

2) Radio City Music Hall

Ok, I should have booked for a tour inside this Music Hall but I didn’t. It would have been a great way to spend the whole afternoon on our first day but I was glad enough I spotted it on our way to the Top of The Rock since it’s also situated in the Rockefeller Center.

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3) Brooklyn Bridge

Gucci Marmont bag blogGucci Marmont bag review

My friend took us here on our 3rd day, picked us up from the hotel all the way to Brooklyn, how so sweet of her 🙂 I couldn’t understand why this bridge is so popular in Instagram but upon seeing it I knew why. It is beautiful with massive views of Manhattan. The only problem is you can’t get a clear photo without a throng of people in the background.

Chic Wish outfit review Brooklyn Bridge blog Chic Wish outfit blog

Aside from taking photos, it would have been good to walk across or ride a bike. We planned to proceed to Coney Island afterwards but since we were short of time we just stayed in Brooklyn and looked for a nice restaurant for lunch. But first, I requested my friend to take me to Bagel Store to get that sought after rainbow bagel with rainbow cream filling. I tell you I was so happy, seemed like I was in a candy store. Here are my photos to prove it 🙂

Bagel Store Brooklyn Rainbow Bagel review

4) Time Square

It doesn’t need an introduction, if you haven’t been to Time Square you haven’t been to New York. We came here every night on our stay as it was in the centre, we basically can’t go almost anywhere without passing by here. Indeed the lights were blinding and euphoric. It was a struggle to take photos without anybody next to me. So I can only show photos depicting the crazy frenzy of Time Square.

Time Square at nightTime Square New York blog Gucci Tian backpack blog

  Thank you for reading, please come back for the second and final part of my NY adventure. You can connect me in Instagram busyandfab to see my fab finds, other outfits and events in between posts.

Outfit Details:

Eyelet Dress from Chic Wish
Victorian Mesh Top from Chic Wish
Skirt from Chic Wish
Red Pierce bag from J.W. Anderson
  Black Marmont bag from Gucci
Pearl slides from Zara
 Backpack from Gucci

Brooklyn photos were taken by Deb Rice.