Relaxing Ways to Spend Outdoors

How to chill outdoors

I’m a certified homebody and it doesn’t help that my 9 to 5 job requires me to sit in my cubicle all day because I’m content of staying indoors most days of the week. But while the idea of staying indoors sounds terrific to most people, all of us could probably benefit from going outside every day. It is a known fact that going outside can have phenomenal effects on our health. In addition to decreasing stress levels, being immersed in nature will help you adopt a positive mood and an elevated state of mind. Scroll more to see how I spend time outdoors. Can you believe I did all these on the same day, no less on New Year’s Day!


Nothing beats the fresh air that comes from the sea or from the forest. Whatever your climate allows you to, get out there and stroll around the block for that instant mind relaxation. When you lose concentration at work, leave your office for a few minutes and go stroll in a nearby park. Studies show that walking in nature helps restore our focus.

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Well, I don’t like to fish but my hubby does and so are the boys. For them, it’s a form of relaxation and I don’t want to get in the way between them and fishing. Although, I would be really happy if they catch fish in decent size that will reach my kitchen instead of throwing it back to the sea.



I don’t know why I’m so fond of swimming, perhaps because I grew up in the seaside where the sea was my backyard. Swimming stimulates the brain to release neurochemicals that make the body feel good, reducing stress. But I swim just for the heck of it. And there are other activities you can do in the water like boogie boarding and trying not to be washed away which is certainly so much fun.


Eating Ice Cream

While ice cream is a child’s treat or so you thought but it has a way of giving people sheer joy and comfort. Ice cream brings people together, young and old alike. For me, warm weather outing is not complete without ice cream. I just have to be vigilant where the ice cream truck is located.


Sitting and people watching

This maybe is a lazy person’s idea of chillaxing outdoors but sometimes this is all we need to get that peace and quiet we long for. With a cup of coffee on one hand while watching passers-by or a packed-lunch of sandwich or two, who needs an elaborate relaxation idea?

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I certainly had a busy NYD (i know it’s a long time ago), gone fishing with hubby in the first half of the day. Then had a picnic by the beach with sis, niece and their families from midday ’til late arvo. Both involved swimming so why not? Obviously, I wore 2 sets of outfit and swimwear. The first dress was a bohemian chic made of organic cotton that was perfect to wear outdoors. The second was a floral romper that was just so cute to wear leisurely in the park.

How about you, how do you relax outside?

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