The Puff Sleeves Trend

Puff sleeves trend

The world is still battling with pandemic right now and while I’m so concerned about not being infected by staying home and boosting my immunity I’m also wanting to do the things I used to do. These days as we are trying to adapt to the new normal, I’m trying to stay sane too so doing a little bit of old habits is welcome (if it doesn’t break the rules) and that’s including dressing up.

I miss dressing up everyday like I used to so when I visited my mum (when visiting was still allowed) I wore this puff sleeves top with the prettiest lace details. It seemed like I was overdressed but it felt good that I finally got to wear this mesh floral sleeve top and faux leather leggings I scored from Femme Luxe Finery.

Puff sleeves trend which is definitely one of the 1980s is back but done in a more contemporary style. The puffy sleeves when combined with laces, bows, ruffles or other details creates a romantic and dreamy look just like what I’m wearing here. Its voluminous style adds a statement to my outfit.

Faux fur leggings are my go-to kind of trousers even these days that I stay at home most of the time. You can definitely catch me wearing leggings as I like the comfort and the flexibility it gives me.

How about you, do you still dress up at this time of lockdown?

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