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What to do at home tips

As we continue with the lockdown some of us must have adapted to the new normal whether we like it or not. This kind of lifestyle may bring contentment to some people but others are still finding it hard to stay sane. As for my case, everyday is different. So I have to establish routines for the daily work to help me schedule new tasks. I find being locked down at home for this amount of time not that bad at all. These little things that I share, however mundane make home life a little bit more fun and interesting.

Organise your closet

Have you organised your closet yet? It took me a lockdown I guess to do the whole closet and boy did it feel good. While I always arrange my bags in the order that I like, my clothes have only been looked after recently. This time I sorted them according to function then according to colour. I used to have 3 outfits stuck in one hanger which surprised me when finally I found those dresses that I’ve been looking for. I still put 2 outfits in one hanger but it’s more manageable now. When I get a bigger closet then I can stick to one hanger each. How do you organise your closet?

How to sort wardrobe
How to organize your closet


Get creative with your outside space

Whether you’re living in a house or in a flat, you can do something to make your time outside worthwhile. We don’t have much of a space in our backyard but hubby loves planting something that gives him food. I know, flowers are not welcome in his space but I’m happy that we have greens that are ready whenever we need ones like spinach, chili, peppers, herbs, and lemons of all kinds. We are training our little gardener to acquire a green thumb. If you’ve got a balcony space, why not transform it into a mini place for relaxation?


Read your heart out

I’m not a big reader anymore since having kids but when I do I pick up materials that give me amusement. I’m a huge fan of Asterix comics and I think we have the complete set (or maybe not). I also love reading inspirational mini books like the one I read here ‘Trade your fears for calm’. Get that habit of reading again these days and you’ll find that this immersive quiet time with yourself is empowering.


Celebrate occasions

Celebrate occasions like you normally do. There might be an alteration in how you splurge the day but it is still commemorated which is what’s important. Our Easter this year was celebrated differently by listening to the preaching online, making simple Easter breakfast and my little boy egg hunting by himself. It was quite lonely for him not having his cousins around but he still had fun collecting the eggs all to himself. His birthday is also coming up so I’m thinking of fun and creative ways to celebrate it.


Set-up a picnic

Setting up a picnic is not prohibited when it is done within the confinement of your home. Whether inside or outside, you can set-up one fabulously. I love picnics especially by the beach but since beaches are closed making one at home is next best thing. At least I don’t have to carry the food farther, right?

So how are you keeping your sanity these days? I want to know your tips and ideas.

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“Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him, I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.” – Psalm 91:14