Where to take OOTD photos these days?

Where to take OOTD photos

How are you thriving in this Rona encrusted world? I am getting used to working from home while the kids are home schooling. But on Saturday, I have to go out shopping for groceries and Sunday is visiting my mother and sis. Going out on a weekend is a form of relaxation these days, a change of environment from being so conformed at home most days. I’m actually surprised I’m not crazy yet. On the other hand, I know why I retain my sanity and it’s because of those little treats that I still can have that make me smile. Things like having my soy cappuccino from a cafe nearby on some weekdays, my matcha bubble tea every Friday (thanks to hubby) and online shopping when I think I need it. Another thing is dressing up and taking ootd photos for the blog, for social media or for no particular reason at all.

So where to take pictures showing your outfit of the day in this time of lockdown? Obviously, we can’t go far but it’s time to be contented of what we got and just be creative.

In your front yard

This is a no-brainer and nobody will arrest you if you take photos in your own playground. You don’t have to go very far and you can pose anyway you want without being judged. For my outfit, I was wearing all grey, my jumper was from H&M x Giambattista Valli collaboration. This collection was all about intricate beadwork, cultured freshwater pearls and the most stunning dresses. I wore my emerald jewellery to complement the green beads in the jumper and finished it off with a Chanel classic bag.

H&M x Giambattista Valli collection

In your neighbour’s front yard

You can choose a friendly neighbour that you may know and watch out for any dog that may attack. I was visiting my mum last Sunday but I had to snap pics of my outfit so we picked a neighbour that had a nice house facade. I was wearing a pink mesh embroidery top which I think is really pretty. I know, pink goes well with white so these jeans were a perfect match. My Chanel Medallion tote elevated the look even more.

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Pink and white outfit

In the park

Parks are a go-zone these days provided social distancing is observed. It’s actually the safest place to take photos and you’re lucky if you find a flowering tree or shrub that blooms with flowers. I was happy to find this wall of flowers in our favourite park near home which was actually a wall of the house next to the park. The first outfit had a classic and timeless style something that I wear on a Monday to work with a blazer on top. While the second one was a soft grunge kind of trend. The black mesh with rough edges on the skirt contributed to that grunge aesthetic but I blended it with a ruffle top that evens out the look which I like.

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Soft Grunge review

So here’s what I did at my sister’s house on Sunday, eating and more eating. This is what we’ll probably do again this coming Sunday which is Mother’s Day.

And how do you cope with the long lockdown? Are you still taking your ootd photos?

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Thank you for reading, ’til next post. You can connect me in Instagram busyandfab to see my fab finds, other outfits and events in between posts.

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