How did I stay sane during lockdown?

What to wear in Autumn

It’s the beginning of winter down under but our world hasn’t changed much although the quarantine has eased down a bit. Now we can eat out, go to hairdresser and nail salon, at least where I live. We can have picnics and gatherings inside the house in limited numbers but it’s showing a good sign. Hopefully, we can beat this and return to the lives we used to though maybe with caution.

Throughout all this, I’m keeping my head above the water living one day at a time and refusing to feel gloom. I’m taking small wins and lingering to it and these are the things that make me feel cheerful in spite of.

Looking forward to the next night out

We had our anniversary in March but we could not go out to celebrate though we did order pizza and dessert. Fast forward to 2 months, the restaurants were allowed to open and serve for 10 people each time, we were one of the few diners to book for reservation. We definitely had a great time over the seafood platter. Now, I’m looking forward to the next night out.

Seafood platter review


With a considerable amount of time at home, when I’m not WFH I’m itching to clean every nook of my house including these glass cabinets that only receive attention from me yearly. I never thought my fixation with small and fancy things would require a copious amount of my time. Yet, each time I clean it I feel being rewarded by a sparkling surrounding. Who is with me in this cleaning frenzy atm?

cleaning during lockdown

Getting creative gastronomically

My kids are very hard to please, I have to play chef to level up my cooking skills. I have reinvented different kinds of pancakes, crepes, omelets and muffins. And that’s only for brunch, we have to keep up to date with dinner options, surely we experimented with a variety of Mexican and Italian dishes. Have you tried making Dalgona coffee yet? I have 3 times and I think I got it with this one.

For the first time, I appreciate my hubby’s garden, the veggie patch and the fruit trees. The lemons, figs, passion fruits and pomegranates make me go out to either take photos or harvest the fruits and make something with it. Find my avocado toast with poached egg and fried figs, my passion fruit friand, and salmon with pomegranate salad.


I admit I forgo of luxury shopping lately as I can’t fork out my credit card easily for luxury goods given the uncertainty we’re facing. But I’ve diverted to online shopping for essential items and clothes that I can wear to work later, see I’m putting my hopes up. Opening up boxes of plates and cutlery is my new unboxing momentous episodes.

Appreciating nature

I used to hate when the temperature goes down but I like the autumn leaves and the freshness in the air. I love the deep colours of deciduous tree leaves turning into red, orange and brown. I also like wearing warm and pretty looking outerwear like this houndstooth long jacket I recently got. It’s versatile that I wore it to dinner and shopping the next day then walking around the neighbourhood. I paired it with the same pants though with different bags and boots.

How are you going these days? What are the things that keep you sane during this time of lockdown?

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