How to celebrate occasions these days?

How to celebrate birthdays

Sad to say that how we celebrate occasions these days is not exactly how we planned it last year. As the world still battling with the pandemic we have to do our share to contain it but yes we can still celebrate important events. Being adaptable to the times is key while still paying attention to our loved ones to make sure they are not feeling neglected.

There were 2 occasions I celebrated this past week, Mother’s Day, and my son’s 6th birthday. Both celebrations albeit different yet still were fun and worth the effort as opposed to not celebrate them at all. Here are ways to throw a bash this time of social distancing.

Keep it small

Obviously, since only a handful of people can join, your house is the perfect setting. It was easier for me to set-up the mini party in our lounge room for my son’s birthday and he was ecstatic that it was even happening. From the decor to the food, it was a breeze to manage and implement everything.

How to throw a party during lockdown

Make it fun

It is now allowed for a certain number of people to visit where I live. So I grabbed that opportunity to invite some family members to join us and that made the gathering more fun. If visiting is still prohibited in your area, invite guests virtually through Zoom, Skype, or Messenger. There is always a way to bring fun without breaking the law.

Prepare food that everyone likes

Now there is no need to cook up a storm, celebration these days is precious so might as well only prepare food that is mostly enjoyed by everyone. For our mains, we ordered a takeaway that was voted by everybody. And for the sweets, I prepared treats that my little boy would indulge in.

On Mother’s Day, I went to my sis to spend time with her and my mum. She prepared the yummiest lunch and bought assorted donuts and other sweet eye-popping treats. And we had an awesome Mother’s Day celebration to remember.

Mother's Day celebration
How to celebrate occasions during lockdown

Do you still bother to celebrate occasions this time of lockdown?

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