Why Self-Care is Important?

why self-care is important

Self-care comes naturally when life is simple and uncomplicated. But as we get older having real jobs and serious relationships caring for ourselves will be put in the back burner. We also tend to think that self-care is an indulgence or selfishness. But in reality, self-care is basically being good to ourselves, it’s about being as kind to ourselves as we would be to others. In these hard times of pandemic investing in our physical and mental health is the best treat we can give to ourselves. So why self-care is important?

Increased self-knowledge

We should not stop learning something new, with the resources ever-present online, knowledge can be limitless. Unemployment is inevitable these times of crisis as the economy is spiraling downward so we have to take our chance to enroll in online courses. Go for something you have an interest in and try your best to be good at it.

Better Physical and Mental Health

With better self-care often comes fewer illnesses and less stress. Mindfulness promotes a better immune system which helps us more mentally strong and physically able inside and out. For me, I incorporate a healthy diet and exercise in my isolation life. I also take vitamin C, D, and Echinacea to help fight the common colds and respiratory infection.

Enhanced self-esteem

We can’t deny taking care of our outward appearance is extremely important as it boosts our self-esteem. Natural ways to enhance our skin are to sleep more, drink plenty of water, and of course an effective skin regimen to boot. I’m glad I got this night cream which just came in handy at this time when our weather has cooled down. Dragon’s Blood ultra plumping night cream is hydrating and firming, it contains antioxidant properties of nature’s dragon’s blood extract and argan oil. In the morning my skin feels hydrated and slightly plumper.

Dragon's blood night cream review

Better productivity

When you are more relaxed your mind can focus more on the most important things that you need to deal with. Learning to say NO is sometimes beneficial rather than burning yourself out and giving a substandard or inferior work. It’s about knowing when your resources are running low and stepping back to replenish them rather than letting them all drain away.

More to give

I notice that when I spend quality time for myself and do the things that I love, I feel more happy and content. In return, I look forward to serving my family and others. Last weekend, we had a mini picnic in our front yard with the neighbour’s Jazzie flowers and our little fig tree as a backdrop. My little boy enjoyed it so much that he didn’t want to leave. We even laid down just watching the sky, it’s the most chillaxing moment. Have you tried sky-gazing lately? How do you view self-care these days?

Sky gazing review

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