Benefits of Visiting New Places

Newcastle street art

I’m glad that more restrictions were lifted in our area including travelling within our state. Though limited but it is still a good indication that things are hopefully getting back to normal, the old normal where we can go anywhere without fear. Yet for now, I’m happy I can visit new towns again and old places that I’ve been. Last Christmas we went to Newcastle, I haven’t shared this story in the blog so I am sharing it now to serve as an inspiration for the wanderlust inside us. Newcastle is only 2 hours drive from Sydney, although we drove past this area in our previous long distance travels it was our first time to stay for several nights during the holidays. And I can’t stop reminiscing our times there, maybe because it was my last trip before the lockdown and maybe also because of these benefits that I can get from visiting new places.

Sparks creativity

As we went there on Christmas time, we expected to see houses in festive mood and we were not disappointed. Several houses installed magnificent Christmas lights but even those without light installations had some ways of creativity in them, the trees in the streets had some too. When I travel I try to find creative touch that is unique in that place, in return it sparks my creative side as well.

Gives us real-life education

Since I travel usually with kids, I try to schedule trips to the museum or even to see the murals around the parks and buildings. The street art itself tells a story about the place and the people. It is an interesting kind of adventure and it doesn’t cost much, just bring your curiosity with you.

Street art in Newcastle

Offers beautiful background for pictures

This is usually my driving factor why I travel which is superficial but I must admit that from this springs the other benefits of travelling. When we went to see Newcastle’s famous street art (pictured above) we passed by these grape vines right in the middle of the city, isn’t it amusing? I learned later on that there is a wine store next to it. We also saw this orange chatterbox that really was an awesome find for that picture perfect shot.

Benefits of visiting new places
Newcastle museum

Makes us appreciate other cultures

My boys’ idea for an ideal travel is to discover great tasting food and drinks and so it became my goal too but only next to picture taking of course. Travelling gives us a chance to learn new culture by means of the food they eat and the kind of lifestyle they live.

Creates memories for lifetime

For this reason alone it is worth to go somewhere new with the people we love to be with. On Christmas day when everything was closed except for few restaurants we opted to go to Anzac Memorial Walkway which is an elevated platform along the coastal cliffs of Newcastle. The walkway gives 360 degree views over the Pacific Ocean and inland towards the city. We had a nice little walk with an awesome view. It was really fun to discover new places without going very far from where I live.

How is it going in your place these days? Are you allowed to travel in nearby areas?

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